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Writed by Ricky Tollman; ; casts Nina Dobrev; Tomatometer 7,2 of 10; Drama; Movie Info Run This Town is a movie starring Ben Platt, Mena Massoud, and Damian Lewis. An emerging political scandal in Toronto in 2013 seen through the eyes of young staffers at city hall and a local newspaper.
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Drama genres hd torrent Run This town council. Drama genres hd torrent Run This town girl. Synopsis After graduation, Bram gets his dream job at a local newspaper. In his mind hes the next Woodward (but hes probably more of a Bernstein. A year in, he realizes that maybe the paper business is no longer what hed seen in the movies. Instead of investigative journalism, he is writing easily consumable Top 10 Lists - Best Hot Dogs in the City! Ten Ways to Tell You Grew Up in the 90s! After the paper is hit with another round of layoffs, Bram stumbles upon a potentially explosive story involving the citys controversial mayor. But he needs to beat the mayors smooth talking aide, Kamal, to the punch. This could be Brams big break — if he had any idea how to be a real journalist. Popular reviews More Embargoed until further notice. RUN THIS TOWN is surprisingly funny. The film follows the beginning of the downfall of Toronto mayor Rob Ford, but instead of focusing on Ford the film follows the story through the perspective of people whose careers were ruined by being in the mayors orbit. #sxsw2019⁠ ⁠ I didn't know this was based on a true story. It has a tendency to bog itself down trying to Sorkin it up, but I still really liked the plot and thought the resulting film was really creative and really well done. Also I loved Nina Dobrev in this. I didn't even recognise her for half the movie, but I thought her performance was great. EMBARGO, EMBARGO. I love ya, embargo. I can't say a thing tooooodaaaay. This was an overwhelming, but not in a great way, drama filled to the brim with pretentious, uninteresting dialog. The performances were solid but it was hard to care. Damian Lewis' cringeworthy performance as Rob Ford was the final nail in its proverbial coffin. A fictionalized story of the people surrounding controversial Toronto mayor Rob Ford, told through the lens of a first time filmmaker. With lots of multi-panel split screens, super fast editing, and dialogue that aims to be wittier than it is, this feels very much like a style over substance film, unfortunately. Most frustrating was the fact that it tells the story of a minoroty man who essentially runs Toronto with Ford as his proxy and a woman who is sexually assaulted by Ford, but instead focuses its attention on a mediocre young white reporter who feels entitled to a career but fails repeatedly. Recent reviews Did not love as a commentary on Millennials. Of course, expectations may have done this film a disservice. I went in expecting a thriller about Rob Ford. I got a maybe confusing and rough around the edges ode to millenials that I cant help but deeply appreciate. Jennifer Ehle is on-fire. As if she is channeling early Streep (she even looks like Streep. Otherwise, the film is really weak. This is most especially because the film focuses on a group of millenial interns/juniors who have about all of the appeal that you would think they do and then given all sorts of z-grade Aaron Sorkin dialogue that none of them can pull off. Damian Lewis' prosthetic makeup should have been halted at the testing stage. Again, Jennifer Ehle kicks ass. Otherwise, that's it. DCP SXSW Film Festival 2019 Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar  Austin, TX Writer/director Ricky Tollman plunges us right in to his dramatization of the fall of Toronto mayor Rob Ford with lots of split screens and fast talk, and his film has a great, twitchy energy — maybe you need it when youre telling the story of a crackhead mayor. Its a two-pronged script, told from the perspective of the staff that kept propping Ford up and the journalists who tried to bring him down, and its technically impressive and well performed (though Damian Lewis “look how transformed I am” turn as Ford is a bit much. But Tollman is so busy dazzling us with his flashy editing and his stick-and-move chronology that he ends up muddying up the narrative; you can tell hes watched a lot of Sidney Lumet, without noticing that Lumet knew the value of just telling his story straight. saw at sxsw19 there were things i really liked about this movie! i am such a sucker for any piece of media discussing how journalism is changing as millennials come of age! only thing is that they tried to do a lil too much i think, there were so many storylines and characters that some of them didnt get all the development they deserved. but id def still recommend i had a lot of fun watching this Popular Lists More.

Does she act in pretty little liars. Thank you guys for all the support on this! Lets get it to a million! EDIT: We did it! Thanks guys. April 16, 2019 2:15PM PT A wildly uneven but occasionally insightful drama about not-so-innocent bystanders in the orbit of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. There is much to admire but a lot to admonish in “ Run This Town, ” writer-director Ricky Tollman s aggressively cluttered drama about ambitious millennials, circulation-famished editors, and other not-so-innocent bystanders who cross paths in Toronto during the scandal-rocked 2010-14 mayorship of Rob Ford. It doesnt help much that Tollman takes far too long during the rapid-fire crisscrossing of storylines throughout his movies first third before making it clear which individuals should be paid primary attention. And it doesnt help at all that Mayor Ford — who looms large, literally and physically, despite his status as a supporting character — is played by a heavily latexed Damian Lewis in a less-than-convincing fat suit. Lewis so closely resembles Mike Myers Fat Bastard character in the “Austin Powers” franchise that its practically impossible to fully appreciate his spot-on portrayal of a man with an unstable id checked only sporadically by an image-conscious superego (Donald Trump, anyone. At the center of the untidy narrative — a liberally fictionalized version of real-life events — two young men played by very fine actors gradually emerge as morally compromised but irresistibly fascinating co-protagonists. Kamal ( Mena Massoud, soon to be seen in the title role in Disneys live-action “Aladdin”) is an immigrants son who has worked his way up to a position of great responsibility, if not consistent influence, in the Ford administration. His formal job title is special assistant, but hes better described as a human shield: Its up to him to keep stories of Fords very bad behavior — sexual harassment, substance abuse, black-out-drunk episodes, etc. — from ever reaching voters and tainting the mayors image as a down-to-earth populist. Dont misunderstand: Kamal isnt exactly Fords soul mate; he is suitably repelled by the mayors improper activities, especially when his boss crudely comes on to Ashley (Nina Dobrev) an attractive co-worker who takes Kamals silence as an act of personal betrayal. But Kamal swallows his outrage because he thinks Ford is, on balance, doing good things for Toronto. And he knows that being associated with such a popular figure is good for his career. Bram ( Ben Platt) is the sort of entitled white male who adamantly refuses to see himself as such (for a while, at least) and has only mixed success when he does try to exploit the breaks hes been afforded. He trades on connections to land an entry-level job at the Record, a Toronto newspaper where he hopes to make a name for himself as an investigative reporter. The bad news: Bram spends his first several months on staff writing nothing but clickbait listicles, like where to buy the best burgers in the city. The good news: Because he is such a lowly paid but highly productive drone, hes not among the veteran writers and editors laid off during the papers repeated rounds of belt-tightening. The professional lives of Kamal and Bram become inextricably entwined when Bram takes a phone call intended for a recently fired reporter, and learns that somebody somewhere in Toronto may have filmed Mayor Ford smoking crack (one of several actual events Tollman didnt have to make up. Its the sort of bombshell that even Kamal may be unable defuse. And while Brams editors — played with just the right measures of cynicism and condescension by Scott Speedman and Jennifer Ehle — are initially skeptical, they ultimately provide their drone with the sizable sum demanded by the person or persons in possession of the incriminating video. As Bram departs to close the deal, Ehles character delivers the funniest and pithiest line in the entire movie: “Go buy us some clicks! ” All of which may make “Run This Town” sound a good deal more coherent than it actually is. Assorted other characters with their own agendas (including some cops eager to build a case against Ford) also figure into the mix, along with scenes of Kamal and Bram interacting with family members who arent always supportive. Tollman keeps the narrative barreling along at a brisk clip, occasionally goosing things forward with acres of split-screen images reminiscent of “The Thomas Crown Affair” and rat-tat-tat dialogue exchanges that suggest an Aaron Sorkin wannabe. Its not always easy keeping up with this film, and there are more than a few times when it really doesnt seem worth the effort. On the plus side, however, “Run This Town” offers some sharp observations about the struggle to provide anything like watchdog journalism in an age of diminished budgets and readership. Through the characters of Bram and (especially) Kamal, Tollman illustrates the various ways millennials — and, yes, their elders — are tempted to talk themselves into cutting corners, avoiding introspection and doing dodgy things while pursuing, if not lofty goals, at least continued employment. Veteran festival programmer, Anderson Le has teamed up with a group of Asian-American and Asian filmmakers to launch creative studio East. Its objective is hatching pan-Asian stories for a global audience. The new outfit will have offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Los Angeles and have activities that stretch from development, financing and production. 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